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Financial aspects and visa regulations

The University of Stuttgart is a public university. Students have to pay a service and enrollment fee only (approx. EUR 170 per semester). Living expenses including rent for an apartment amount to approx. EUR 650 per month. For excellent candidates the Physics Department of the University of Stuttgart offers in cooperation with the two Max-Planck- Institutes for Solid State Physics and Intelligent Systems a scholarship (details can be found here).

For very good or excellent students who were admitted to the Physics programme and who have no other source of financial support, a limited number of students jobs might be available at the Physics Department of the University of Stuttgart or the Max-Planck Institutes which can cover a part of your expenses.

All students seeking a scholarship are also advised to contact the DAAD. The scholarship database gives an overview on the scholarships you can apply for. Please notice that the deadlines for the scholarship applications can be up to one year before the programme starts.

Most of the foreign students wishing to enter the Federal Republic of Germany require a visa for educational purposes. This document is issued by a diplomatic representation of the Federal Republic of Germany (embassy or consulate) in the student’s country of origin and entered into the passport. You are urgently warned against entering the country as a tourist or as an au-pair. A tourist or au-pair visa cannot be retrospectively changed into a visa or residence permit for educational purposes. You are advised to contact the German Embassy or Consulate as soon as possible before you apply for a study course at the Universität Stuttgart. Please notice that the German embassies of many countries require that applicants for a student visa have enough financial resources to cover the expenses of the first year or the whole studies.
Only EU-citizens or citizens from countries with whom special visa regulations have been agreed (e.g. Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the USA) can enter Germany with their passport and apply for their residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) at the Foreign Registration Office of the City of Stuttgart (Ausländerbehörde) after arrival. More information on the visa regulations you find on the homepage of the Office of International Affairs of the Universität Stuttgart.