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Calendar entries for December 2015

Tue, 1. December

Liquid and Metallic Nanowires in Fibers: A Novel Base for Nanophotonics, Nonlinear Optics and Optofluidics
Prof. Dr. Markus A. Schmidt, Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology, Jena
Wed, 2. December
Thu, 3. December

Localization effects and hyperpolarization in many-spin networks
Dr.Gonzalo Agustin Alvarez, Weizmann Institute, Israel
Fri, 4. December

Extracting information on the environment by dynamically controlled qubit probes
Dr. Analia Zwick, Weizmann Institute, Israel
Sat, 5. December
Sun, 6. December
Mon, 7. December
Tue, 8. December

Optically induced dynamic nuclear spin polarisation in diamond
Jochen Scheuer, Institut für Quantenoptik, Universität Ulm

Half a century after Feynman: How much room is left at the bottom?
Klaus Kern, MPI für Festkörperforschung Stuttgart & EPFL Lausanne
Wed, 9. December
Thu, 10. December
Fri, 11. December
Sat, 12. December
Sun, 13. December
Mon, 14. December

Optical study of dimensionality effects at the single nanocrystal level
Ido Hadar, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

And then Moses said "You shall not NV"... - But my group is not very religious.
Prof. Dr. Carlos Meriles, City College of New York, USA

Mathematical problems in medical image processing
Iryna Rybak, Universität Stuttgart (Habilitationsvortrag)
Tue, 15. December

Developing a modular sensor platform for intracellular sensing
Torsten Rendler, 3. Physikalisches Institut
Wed, 16. December
Thu, 17. December
Fri, 18. December
Sat, 19. December
Sun, 20. December
Mon, 21. December
Tue, 22. December

High resolution nuclear spin correlation spectroscopy using NV centers
Matthias Pfender, 3. Physikalisches Institut
Wed, 23. December
Thu, 24. December
Fri, 25. December
Sat, 26. December
Sun, 27. December
Mon, 28. December
Tue, 29. December
Wed, 30. December
Thu, 31. December

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