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PHYSICS at a glance

Optical experiments by PI2

Physics is concerned with problems that range from minute particles to the universe as a whole. Quantitative methods are used to analyse the apparent complexity of the system in which we live. For this reason, the methods and results from this science are often applied to other fields such as Chemistry, Biology or Engineering. [more]

University of Stuttgart

University Stuttgart

The University is situated in the middle of a highly dynamic economic region with a worldwide reputation for excellency in the fields of mobile and information technology, production, process engineering as well as in life sciences. The University was founded in 1829, at the beginning of the industrial age in Europe. The cooperation between technical, physical and human sciences has always been an advantage of the University. [more]

The city of Stuttgart

Old Castel Stuttgart

With about 600,000 inhabitants, Stuttgart is the sixth-largest city in Germany. The metropolitan Stuttgart Region has a population of about 2.7 million. Stuttgart is the state capital of Baden-Württemberg. Situated in the valley of the Neckar river, between the hilly environments of the Swabian Alb and the Black Forest, it is often called "the city between forest and vineyards". [more]