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Elective lectures

A special characteristic of the MSc in Physics at the Universität Stuttgart is to offer electives right from the very first semester. This is to enable students to organize their studies in accordance with their own special interests.

The elective lectures offered as part of the MSc Study Programme focus on two main fields: Condensed Matter Physics and Statistical Physics. These are also two of the major research fields of the Department of Physics and of the two Max Planck Institutes of Solid State Research and Intelligent Systems. The success of this research has contributed significantly to the international reputation of Physics in Stuttgart.

Below you find an overview on the elective lectures which were offered in the recent years. Please notice that not all elective lectures are offered each year in English language. You can check the current courses for further details.

Selected elective lectures

Crystal Physics, Electronic Structure of Condensed Matter, Foundations of X-Ray and Neutron Scattering, Light and Matter, Magnetism, Nanostructures and Nanotechnologies, Non-linear Optics, Quantum Field Theory of Solids, Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces, Plasma Physics, Semiconductor Physics, Simulation Methods in Physics, Superconductivity, Theory of Chaos, Theory of Phase Transitions.