Physics colloquia

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Overview of the modules

First year

Module Title of module Title of course Credits (ECTS)
AEP 1 Advanced Experimental Physics I Advanced Condensed Physics I 9
Excercises to Adv. Cond. Matter Physics I
ATP 1 Advanced Theoretical Physics I Advanced Quantum Theory 9
Excercises to Adv. Quantum Theory
EL Elective Module Elective Lecture I 9
Elective Lecture II
APL Advanced Physics Labratory Advanced Physics Labratory I 12
Advanced Physics Labratory II
SEM Seminar Seminar in Advanced Physics 6
International Studies in Physics
SM Specialised Module Subject of Specialised Module I 15
Subject of Specialised Module II
Sum     60


Second year

Module Title of module Credits (ECTS)
PSP Practical Skills and Project Planning 15
SS Scientific Specialisation 15
THW Master's Thesis 30
Sum   60