Physics colloquia

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Prerequisites for students

1. Qualified Bachelor's degree in physics
2. Proficiency in English language


4 semesters (2 years) including a Master's thesis implemented during the last two semesters.


The Degree "Master of Science in Physics" comprises 120 ECTS-Credits.


The Master of Science in Physics corresponds fully to the degree of a Diplomphysiker at the Universität Stuttgart. The comparability refers both to the number and the contents of the course lectures, elective lectures, exercises, advanced physical laboratory, length and level of the Master's thesis and to the extent of examinations.

Study programme

The first year of the programme starts with an intensive German language course for all non-native speakers at the beginning of September. Start of the lectures, seminars and lab courses of the first semester is mid October. One focus is on advanced lectures in Quantum Theory and Condensed Matter Physics. Both will be continued in the second semester by even more advanced lectures where the students can choose between a specialisation in "Experimental Physics" and in "Theoretical Physics". The module Advanced Experimental Physics II includes the lectures Solid State Spectroscopy and Advanced Condensed Matter Physics II, the module Advanced Theoretical Physics II the lectures Advanced Statistical Physics and Solid State Theory. The students are expected to make the Master's thesis in the field of their specialisation. Besides these lectures, several Elective Lectures on the field of Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics are offered each year. All lectures are complemented by exercises. In the Advanced Physics Lab, you will learn physical measuring methods and the handling of modern measuring instruments, while performing demanding experiments. The seminar module consists out of two parts, the seminar in Advanced Physics and International Studies in Physics.

During the second year (3. and 4. semester), students concentrate on their research project which can be undertaken either at one of the participating institutes of the Universität Stuttgart or one of the two Max Planck Institutes on campus (MPI for Solid State Research and MPI for Intelligent Systems). Whilst working on their project, students are directly involved in the research on a recent topic in either Theoretical or Experimental Physics. The research project includes the modules "Practical Skills and Project Planning" and "Scientific Specialisation" as well as the "Master's Thesis". It takes place not only in the lecturing time but throughout the whole year.

German language classes

Admitted applicants with no sufficient knowledge of the German language (required level C 1) are obliged to take a six week intensive German language course offerd before the start of the first semester. This and additional courses are offered by the Office of International Affairs of the Universität Stuttgart.