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Lecture hallThe international M.Sc. Program PHYSICS offered by the University of Stuttgart is a 2-year program taught in English. It is a program in general physics focusing on research. The high-end scientific education available at the postgraduate level stems from its excellent research and teaching standards, and long experience (the program was established in 1999). It is appropriate for all holders of a qualified B.Sc. degree in physics, international as well as German students who would like to study in an international environment.

The curriculum is composed of four semesters divided in two parts. While the 1st year (1st and 2nd semesters) consists of lectures, seminars and the lab course, the 2nd year (3rd and 4th semesters) provides freedom to fully concentrate the one-year research project, including the Master’s thesis.

Two elective lectures and the one-year research project offer the students the possibility to specialize in a topic they are interested in, whereas the mandatory courses of the program ensure an excellent education in general physics. The variety of physics institutes of the University of Stuttgart, in combination with the cooperating groups of the two Max-Planck-Institutes of Solid State Physics and Intelligent Systems, offer a huge diversity of research topics appropriate for the Master’s thesis. The wide range of courses offered is enriched by the wide range of possibilities of the two cooperating Max-Planck-Institutes.